Word Class Stud Dog import from Germany  : TOP winning male J. CHEMPION , IRELAND PUPPY SIEGER  2018 , YOUNG SIEGER 2019

AD , BH , IGP1, IGP2,  J.CH , SG1, V1 Prusas is Sapiegines 

Prusas not only very good dog for show but also very good for work ..

Prusas at only 11 months old win Obedience a Title under IKC rules : P-Beg. Excellent ..

Prusas at OG Waterside trail (02/02/2019)  pased BH test  under Germany working  judge:  SV Jens-Peter Flügge at only 16 months old ( The test consists of 3 parts : Temperament Test, Obedience work, Testing in traffic ) 

Video of Prusas pasing BH routine : 


Video of Prusas passed IGP1 under SV judge : Jim jackson

About IGP exams

IGP 1-3 consist of three phases

A-     Tracking

B-      Obedience (including some agility and retrieves)

C-      Protection (searching for and dealing with threats from a ‘helper’)

There are various rules and etiquette that have to be observed by the dog and handler team, for example, style of the dog in all three phases is very important.

In Tracking the dog must scent with a full nose and be steady paced and accurate before being awarded a high score. In Obedience, the happy, willing attitude of the dog to submit to the handler’s direction is paramount as well as accuracy in the exercises. In Protection the judge looks for explosive attitude with total control in the very stylised episodes.


My special boy at trainings little bit obiedance & protection in last few weeks...



Video of Prusas getting ready for his IGP  off lead work in protection routine ..


Video of Prusas working with IGP1 obedience routine ...


Prusas at OG Corrib trail  ( 07/04/2019) Pased AD test under Germany working judge SV :  Herr Ludger Vortkamp .  (AD) tests a dog’s endurance, conditioning and physical structure . ( ( The test consists of 2parts : Temperament Test & 20km run beside bike ) 


Prusas have super bloodlines which include many of the world champions and the world best German Shepherds :

Dam : 3 times VA & 4 times best TSB VA1 Lituanica is Sapiegines,

Sire : SG3 & V26  BSZS Hugh vom Eichenplatz,

Granparents : Res. WORLD CHAMPION VA2 Iliano vom Fichtenschlag,

2 times WORLD CHAMPION VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag ,

2 times  WORLD CHAMPION VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos

Res WORLD CHAMPION VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg 

VA2 Alisha vom Eichenplatz and a lot more :)) )

Prusas is Sapiegines  are HIP & ElBOW scored in GERMANY with excellent scoring HD (hipps) A-NORMAL, ED ( elbow) A-NORMAL , DNA gepriuft..

Prusas is full trained of high-level ...

Prusas is Sapiegines  is a proven stud dog of outstanding temperament. His substance, colour and beautiful character has been passed onto his progeny.  Prusas has produced a big & super litters..

He is gentle stud so is proving to be a good option for maiden bitches or bitches for first time :)

 Link for Prusas is Sapiegines pedigree:

More about Prusas you can see here :






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