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Welcome to the Von House Raydas  Dogs website. We are based in Tipperary town , Ireland.

We are a small family kennel. We are showing  and training dogs. All our dogs
 is the highest quality and World Class bloodlines which include many of the World Champions

Our kennel is dedicated to the breeding  of only the highest quality German Shepherd Puppies.



Only dogs/bitches with a minimum grading of ( excellent) are breeding  in our kennels.

All of our dogs are hip & elbow scored and only with good scores are allowed to breeding.

All of our dogs in excellent health are allowed to breeding.


We treat our dogs like they are our children, so we hope that the families who their puppies go to do as well.Our puppies are home-raised.  We raise only one litter at a time so that we can devote all the time necessary to produce healthy, happy, well-adjusted dogs.  We take particular care with early training and socialization.



                                ABOUT TRAINING 


We are a team of training & behavior experts, we provide many options for training and behavioral modification for all dogs, of all breeds. Our goal is for you and your family to have the dog they enjoy and dream of, and their lives with their dogs. Dogs are our life and we love teaching them, and their families.


After over 15 years of experience managing , showing and training dog for high level competitions our training methodology :


We implement a variety of methods including reward based positive reinforcement training.

There isn’t just one way to train all dogs. Each dog can benefit from different components of different methods.

We introduce you to many of the different training tools, and work with you to select the best options for your dog’s needs.


We not only enjoys working with new dogs every day but loves the feeling of seeing a happy client. We not happy unless you’re happy!


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